This website privacy policy ("privacy") applicable to your use of our site. The policy may change from time to time, so please check back periodically.
What information do we collect from you?
Our website visitors collect the following two kinds of information: personal identification information and non personal identification information. Our main purpose is to collect the information, during your use of our site more effectively to provide the service for you.
Personal identification information: This refers to the specific information to identify your identity. In you order products or services, product registration, fill in investigation, as the WD community to create user accounts or with our communication, we will ask for personally identifiable information. This information will include your name, mailing address, telephone number or e-mail address. If you create a return material authorization (RMA), buy the extended warranty service or purchase products through the WD of customer loyalty programs may also include credit card, credit card security code (also known as the CVV) and the validity of. In the process of order processing, we will be in an encrypted format to your full credit card information submitted to the credit card company for payment processing. If you through the WD online store to buy the product, please note that online store's privacy policy may be differences with this privacy policy.
Non personal identification information: This refers to itself cannot identify specific personal identity information. Every time you enter our website, we will collect such information. These information according to the individual and the whole of the compilation and analysis may include prior to visit our website you've visited the site of uniform resource locator identifier (URL), leave our website after you visit the URL, you use the browser, platform type, Internet service provider, Internet Protocol (IP) address, date / time stamp, and analysis of trend, web site management, tracking overall user activity and extensive collection of demographic information for the overall objective of clicks. You do not have to register with us, we can collect these anonymous information. URL file is the global Internet and other resources of the global address. The IP address is a computer or device in the transmission control protocol / Internet Protocol (TCP / IP) network system, such as the global Internet identification code.
The network system using the TCP/IP protocol to establish at the destination IP address based on the routing information. In other words, IP address is that every time you browse the web automatically assigned to you, for the network server to determine and identify your computer a number of. Computer IP address, so that users can communicate, browsing and shopping on the internet.
This site may contain "cookie". A cookie is a web server, when you actually access the Internet any site storage in hard disk in bits and pieces of electronic information. Cookie is often used to distinguish users, storing user preferences and the overall user tracking trends. We may use cookie to improve the quality of the site, a better understanding of how users interact with the web site. We will not use cookies to retrieve your computer in the personally identifiable information unless you deliberately and willing to provide this information. You can give instructions to adjust your Web browser security settings to all cookie or when sending cookie. However, if cookie is disabled in the Web browser, some features may not be the normal operation of the website.
How will we use the information collected from you?
The main purpose of us receives from clients and web sites of other visitors and information is to provide excellence in personalized online experience for customers and visitors. We will use the contact information of clients to provide faster, more effective warranty service, before the buyers, tell them online ordering or return status, send they are likely to be interested in the product or service promotional emails, and on user accounts and WD community make matters with the user contact.
We may also perform statistical analysis of aggregate customer behavior. We might, for example, analysis of our website which page visitors most, or when the visitors to a site, they spend long time to read these pages. This allows us to understand the relative interest in the various areas of our site is what customers. Then we use this information to improve the content of our website and enhance your access to the site of experience, custom web page content and / or layout, providing a single customer service, any requirement to comply with the law, on the site for you provide or by a third party on the site for you to provide professional or relevant advertising content and / or suggestions, and for the purpose of our internal. For links to third-party websites the website, we may from time to time for their owners or operators provide and from their website to link to the number of users on the site related information. From this information, you can not be identified.
Who do we share with you about your information?
Unless described in the following sections of the case, we will be shared with third parties your personally identifiable information. You should also consult our online store privacy policy, it is our business and refers to the management of a company. The online store's privacy policy and this privacy policy may be different.
Sometimes law enforcement or judicial organs may ask us to relevant government organs or other third party to provide with justice, administrative or other programs related to the personally identifiable information. We will receive legal court orders or subpoenas disclosure personally identifiable information, or to assist law enforcement agencies to investigate the disclosure of personally identifiable information. We will fully cooperate with law enforcement agencies to find those engaged in illegal activities by using our web site service people. We will keep out of faith, we believe that the illegal activities will be reported to law enforcement authorities.
Children's privacy
This site comply with the children's online privacy protection act, designed to protect children's Internet privacy all other applicable laws and regulations. This website is not for children under 18 years of age, we are not allowed to create a user account under the age of 18 individuals. Therefore, unless otherwise provided by law, otherwise the site shall not be deliberately collected, retain or disclose any personal information provided by children under 18 years of age. If you have not yet attained the age of 18 years of age, do not: (I) access or use of this website, (II) on the site create or attempt to create an account, (III) registered any subscription service, or (IV) through the website, buy anything.
If you are a child of the parents or guardian, you can request for WD is not deleted after you agreed to children or misunderstanding of his age and submit relevant to your child's personal information. Upon receipt of your request, we will take reasonable measures to remove the information from our database. All such requests should include your child to submit accurate user name, password and e-mail address, and send to info@ggimage.com.
Privacy policy changes.
The last change in this policy is. If we on the right policy of any of the terms or conditions change, change will be announced in the file so that you always know the information we collect, how we will use these information, and we may disclose the object. We may change, modify, add or delete part of the contents of this policy. Please be sure to check this page at the beginning of our website before use.
How to contact us
For the implementation of this policy or, if you have any questions or comments, please write to us. Any questions or comments should be sent directly to the following address sent by e-mail to info@ggimage.com or. We will take reasonable measures to solve or deal with your worries.
Factory address: Chinese. Zhuhai Road No. 3883 Xiangzhou Guangdong District of Zhuhai City
Effective date of this policy
This policy took effect in December 29, 2015.