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Please fill in the form to get 24-hour network service. You may also email us for assistance: info@ggimage.com

Ninestar provide 24-hour professional network service. Please fill out the form, so we may assist you.

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  • Ninestar Image Tech Limited
    Factory Add: No. 3883,Zhuhai Avenue,Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai Guangdong,P.R. China 519060
    Tel: (0086)-756-8539886
    Fax: (0086)-756-8539856
    Email: info@ggimage.com
  • Seine (Holland) B.V.
    Add: Energieweg 113,3641 RT,Mijdrecht,The Netherlands.
    Tel: 0031-297-789380
    Fax :0031-297-789320
    Email: europe@ggimage.com
  • Ninestar Technology Co.,Ltd.
    Add:13875 Ramona Ave,Chino,CA 91710
    Email: sales@ggimageusa.com